Ared Misirliyan


Born and raised in Istanbul, the cultural, business and
financial heart of Turkey, in the shadows of the city’s
millennial multi-ethnic and multi-lingual history from the
Byzantine and Ottoman eras.

Studied at the Armenian Mekhitarian Lyceum and
graduated with top honors from Robert College.

Studied and received degrees from several reputable
universities in the United States:

  1. Princeton University (BSE, Chem. Eng., Pre-Medical, Russian & Cinema)

  2. Indiana University-Bloomington (Summer Slavic Workshop)

  3. University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Chemical Engineering & Slavic Studies)

  4. Cornell University (All-But-Dissertation in Slavic & General Linguistics)

  5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (MILS, Library Associates Program)

For a decade (1987-1997) Ared worked as an Academic Librarian (Cataloguing and Reference) at three research libraries (U of Michigan, U of Pennsylvania & McGill University).

In 1997, he started ARTURUS Translation Services with Catherine Pons, where he is the General Manager. 

Previously an active member of the American Library Association, Ared is a member of the American Translators Association, accredited for English-language editing by the Quebec Technical Writers Society (SQRP), and the Society for Armenian Studies (SAS).